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Switching capacity: 1.44 Tbps/1.07 Bpps
Weight: 21.7 lb (9.84 kg) with PSUs and fans installed
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.72 x17.36 x 20.48 in
(4.37 x 44.09 x 52.02 cm)
Switching mode: Cut-through and store-and-forward
Front-to-back or back-to-front airflow (for hot aisle/cold
aisle deployment)
Management and rear console port connections
Predicted mean time between failures (MTBF): 150,000
Predicted FIT rate: 4,987
Interface Options
1GbE SFP: 24(40) (with 10GbE expansion modules)
10GbE SFP+: 24(40/72) (with 10GbE expansion modules/
with fixed 40GbE ports using breakout cables)
40GbE QSFP+: 4(12) (with expansion modules)
Each fixed QSFP+ port can be configured as a 4x10GbE
Each QSFP+ port can be configured as a 40 Gbps port
USB port
Console port
2 management ports: 1 RJ-45 and 1 SFP
Supported transceiver and direct attach cable
SFP+ 10GbE optical modules
SFP+ DAC cables: 1/3/5 m direct-attached copper and
1/3/5/7/10 m active direct-attached copper
SFP GbE optical and copper module
QSFP+ to SFP+ 10GbE direct attach break-out copper
(1/3 m direct-attached copper cable)


SKU: JS110004
  • Stock Lot:Brand new product. Warranty (yearly), Operating?license, RMA / DOA, Optical interface, Activation (yearly) Not included in the price. Please contact store for a seprate purchase.

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