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Type 5 PIC

  • One 100-Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Power requirements with LR4 transceiver: 1.19 A @48 V (57 W)
  • Model number: CFP-100GBASE-SR10

Type 4 PIC

  • One 100-Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Power requirements for PD-1CE-CFP-FPC4 (PIC and FPC): 9.48 A @48 V (455 W)
  • Model number: PD-1CE-CFP-FPC4
  • PIC 0 and PIC 1 are connected by a bridge board.
  • There are two physical interfaces when the 100-Gigabit Ethernet PIC is online. Each physical interface represents one of two internal 50-Gigabit Ethernet Packet Forwarding Engines (PFEs) in the FPC. PFE0 is physical interface 0, PFE1 is physical interface 1.

    The following example shows the CLI representation of the physical interface. The interface type is et, fpc is the FPC slot number, the PIC slot is always 0, and the PFEs are 0:0 for PFE0 and 0:1 for PFE1.

    • et-fpc/0/0:0
    • et-fpc/0/0:1
  • You must also configure two logical interfaces under each physical interface. The following CLI example shows the logical interfaces.
    • et-fpc/0/0:0.0 and et-fpc/0/0:0.1
    • et-fpc/0/0:1.0 and et-fpc/0/0:1.1
  • Support for MTUs up to 9192 bytes


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