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Powered by Juniper Networks Junos
operating system, the
ACX Series routers complement Juniper Networks MX Series 3D
Universal Edge Routers through a flexible and scalable service
provider and enterprise branch routing portfolio optimized to
support rapidly growing mobile, video, and cloud computing
applications. The ACX Series introduces Juniper’s proven IP/
MPLS leadership from core and edge into the access layers of the
network. Maintaining relative simplicity in the access network,
the ACX Series supports a rich suite of L2, L3, and IP/MPLS
functionality to allow large-scale seamless MPLS networks with
simplified service provisioning and operations.
Seamless MPLS
—ACX Series routers support both Ethernet
bridging and MPLS. Growing demands in bandwidth are
accompanied by network growth in terms of number
of nodes. In some cases, we can see demands to scale
a network up to tens of thousands of nodes. Seamless
MPLS architecture enables scale and service flexibility by
decoupling physical topology for transport and service
layers. With a seamless MPLS architecture, service providers
can leverage the existing investment of MPLS in the core
and edge and extend the operational benefit into the
access layer, enabling higher network service flexibility and
higher scaling parameters of the MAN where metro Ethernet
services can span across multiple network segments and be
seamlessly terminated at any point of the network or cloud.
Junos OS
—Junos OS is a reliable, high-performance,
modular network operating system that is supported across
all of Juniper’s physical and virtual routing, switching,
and security platforms. Junos OS improves network
operations and increases service availability, performance,
and security with features like low-latency multicast,
comprehensive QoS, unified in-service software upgrade
(unified ISSU), and Junos Continuity, which eliminates
the risk and complexity of OS upgrades. Junos OS comes
with embedded scripting tools and APIs, which enable
automation of many routines and allow integration
practically with any operator’s back-end management
tools. With secure programming interfaces, the Juniper
Extension Toolkit (JET), versatile scripting support, and
integration with popular orchestration frameworks, Junos
OS offers flexible options for DevOps-style management
that can unlock more value from the network.
—Junos Space Network Management
Platform provides comprehensive management with broad
fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security
management (FCAPS) capabilities, for both device and
service-level management. For device management, it
supports NETCONF, CLI, SNMP v1/v2/v3 protocols, and its
northbound APIs support easy integration with existing
network management systems (NMS) and operations/
business support systems (OSS/BSS). Running on
the Junos Space Management Platform.


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